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We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Not in My Backyard: Systematic Racism and Redlining

It’s no coincidence that communities of color face harsher health burdens due to dirty air and water. From antebellum Reconstruction through the Jim Crow era, housing policy was designed to prevent Black residents from living in predominantly White neighborhoods. Land use decisions about where to locate polluting industries usually placed

Stop the Assault on Local Government, Energy Autonomy, and Climate Action

Floridians deserve a say in how we power our homes, businesses, and communities. Unfortunately, a new series of bills filed in the Florida Legislature aim to disenfranchise local governments, state executive agencies, and working Floridians by consolidating nearly all decisions about our energy into the hands of state legislative leadership. 

Trust for Public Land Helps Conserve Wolfe Creek Forest

Just as it is said, “Rome isn’t built in a day,” the gradual and steady acquisition of Florida’s lands builds our conservation legacy.  The strategic protection of the Wolfe Creek Forest adds to the network of conserved lands in the Florida Panhandle. The project was prioritized for acquisition in 2010,

Butler Beach

St. Augustine was a major site of the Civil Rights Movement. From swim-ins at a downtown motel to targeted attacks toward Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Florida’s oldest city is also a monument to a national movement.   Frank B. Butler was a Black businessman and local leader who moved to

Managing Florida’s Invasive Species

Guest Blog by Student Laurel Kerkman Florida is home to beautiful coastal, forest, and prairie habitats that support a wide variety of species. However, these habitats are rapidly decreasing due to human actions. Development, such as roads and housing, are altering the ecosystems that we rely on. It is vital

Racial Disparities in Outdoor Experiences

"The wild things and places belong to all of us... As young people of color reconnect with what so many of their ancestors knew—that our connections to the land run deep, like the taproots of mighty oaks; that the land renews and sustains us—maybe things will begin to change." -

Black History: Florida Sites of Bondage and Freedom

It's Black History Month and across Florida, there are many places to visit and learn about Black Floridians' communities and experiences. Florida has a deep history of enslavement, and these dark times are memorialized in public parks and historic sites across the state. While we’ll never know the true magnitude

Support 100% Renewable Energy Goals Bill

State legislators Sen. Lori Berman (D-BoyntonBeach) and Rep. Anna V. Eskamani (D-Orlando) have announced proposed legislation  (House Bill 283 / Senate Bill 720) to address the cause of climate change: carbon emissions. The two lawmakers filed their 100% Renewable Energy Goals Bill to transition Florida to 100% renewable energy by