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How to Lobby 101: Speaking to your Legislators

published on: March 29, 2023

  1. Craft your elevator pitch.

When speaking to your legislators, it’s important to go in knowing a concise way to get your point across. Before meeting, create an “elevator pitch” for your cause. Being able to explain your point in less than 90 seconds helps you solidify your message and keep your point engaging.

2. Know the facts.

What information does your decision maker need to know? Are there common misconceptions around your subject? Are there numbers and statistics that will help get your point across? Knowing the facts around your cause can help you be an expert when speaking to legislators.

3. Tailor your message.

Not every person you speak with will think your issue is as important as you do. Know who you are going in to speak with. Whose opinions will matter to them? How are the people in their district affected? Why would it be beneficial for them to support your cause?

4. Have a clear takeaway.

What exactly are you asking for? For them to vote yes on or support a bill? To share public support? Vote ‘yes?’ Be clear about what your intended next steps are. Remind the legislator that you will hold them accountable for the conversation you had today. Follow up immediately on social media and give a public reminder of what you expect. Remember, they work for you!

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