Keeping Communities Together: Why Redistricting Matters

This year the local community districting process is starting in Miami-Dade County. As a native to Miami Gardens and Opa-Locka area, I am so proud to be organizing to make sure that Miami Gardens (District 1) is not unjustly split in order to help incumbent politicians win elections.  Miami Gardens

FCV Celebrates Public Lands Day

For Public Lands Day, Conservation Voters like you submitted short descriptions of their favorite Florida natural areas. Thank you for helping us celebrate the many beautiful parks that Florida has to offer! (Hover over the images to see their stories.)

5 Urban Parks that Breathe Life into South Florida

Public Lands. People often think of them as sweeping landscapes, the kind that summon us for weekend getaways and decorate our postcards. They’re remote, breathtaking, and beautiful--but they are not the only public lands we have. Urban parks located within our cities provide accessible ways for people to interact with

State Redistricting Committees Announced

Big news: We have the official list of legislators who will decide how Florida's state legislative and Congressional districts are drawn for the next ten years. Using the data provided by the U.S. Census, state lawmakers come together every decade to draw new district lines that give each of our

Florida Power & Light Settles, But More Improvement Needed

Florida’s utilities are trying to raise our utility rates to benefit investors and fossil fuel interests. If we don’t speak up, our bills will go up, and we can’t afford to line corporations’ pockets. In August, FPL settled with some clean energy advocacy groups, including the below agreements. Executive Director

Manatees Need Clean Water Advocates

Like most Floridians, I have a soft spot for manatees. Since my childhood days exploring Biscayne Bay in Miami, there’s never been a time when I didn’t jump with excitement when I spied one of these gentle giants in our waters.  Now I live in Tallahassee with my family, and

Happy Clams Need Clean Water

You've heard the expression, 'happy as a clam.' But, it turns out, Florida's clams aren't all that happy. Dr. Todd Osborne is hoping to change that. Dr. Osborne is a biogeochemist at UF's Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience. With his team, he has been working to restore clams in the

Threats to Land and Water

 We lose a little bit of the Old Florida every day. With rising seas and explosive development, we must act quickly to save our land and water.  Climate change threatens coastal and inland areas. As global temperatures get higher, waters warm and expand. As sea levels rise, coastal areas can

Guided Nature Meditation

Enjoy this 10 minute guided meditation inspired by Florida's natural beauty. At FCV, we know that staying up to date and active on big issues like climate change, water quality, and land development can be exhausting work. The planet needs our voices now more than ever, but how can we