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Vote By Mail Reset Engagement

published on: June 23, 2023

Despite the challenges posed by the elections law (SB 90) passed by the Florida Legislature in 2021, which significantly reduced the validity period for vote-by-mail ballot requests, our dedicated team took swift action to empower voters across central and south Florida.

Leading the charge, our organization embarked on a bilingual hybrid phone bank initiative that targeted voters in key regions. 

On April 12 and April 13,  We held an organization-wide bilingual phone bank in the  Chispa Florida office in Brandon, Florida (Hillsborough County). Through this hybrid phone bank, volunteers were able to join in person and on Zoom. The FCV Chispa Florida team made two rounds of calls to voters in the City of Tampa to remind over 500 voters to renew their vote-by-mail requests before the deadline to vote in the Tampa Municipal Runoff Election. 

Building upon this momentum, we continued our impactful efforts on May 31 and June 15 by reaching out to approximately 1,000 voters in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Our goal was to encourage these individuals to renew their vote-by-mail requests, ensuring their voices would be heard in the democratic process.

This was a truly collaborative effort across our organization, with the event being facilitated by our Chispa Florida Program Director Denise Lugo, Field Advocacy Manager Carol Davey, Lead Digital Organizer Savana Elliott, and Democracy For All Digital Organizer Keilah Williams. 

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