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Climate and Clean Energy

Advocating for just and equitable solutions to the climate crisis.

Florida is facing a climate crisis. From rising seas to warming temperatures and more extreme weather, we need action now. Climate solutions must be twofold including reducing carbon emissions and building a resilient future.

Climate change is the single biggest environmental threat facing Florida and our living planet. Climate change impacts in Florida include more extreme heat and weather events, severe damages to our drinking water and wastewater treatment infrastructure, and rising sea levels. Climate-related pressures, combined with our state’s continued population growth, are fueling the widespread destruction of our undeveloped natural areas. To act urgently, lawmakers must commit to clean energy and climate action.

FCV advocates for climate action and clean energy solutions at the Florida Capitol, including pushing for 100% renewable energy goals, electric school buses, and climate considerations in water and building infrastructure. We work with environmental justice partners to advance energy independence, efficiency, and affordability in communities statewide. Through our work on the Connected in Crisis Coalition, we are pushing state leadership to establish a moratorium on utility shut-offs during the COVID-19 pandemic.