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Urge President Trump to Protect People, Not Polluters

In the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic, the Trump administration has directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to shed its responsibility to protect our health. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, and dirtier air only makes matters worse.

While most Americans are focused on the crisis, the Trump Administration’s favor factory is running overtime, putting polluters over people with breathtaking frequency, breadth, and speed.

Your voice is needed now. Send Trump and email or Tweet with our easy one-click form.

Urge President Trump to Protect People, Not Polluters
Tell Your Lawmakers that You're a Conservation Voter

The quality of our environment directly impacts our quality of life. It’s going to take a movement of dedicated people just like you to demand safeguards for our most precious remaining natural places. The good news is that movement has already started.

You can be part of the Conservation Voter Movement in Florida right now. Use our easy email form to send a letter to the Governor, your state senator, and state representative to tell them that YOU are a conservation voter and that YOU expect them to do what it takes to protect what makes our state so special.

Together, we are the Conservation Voter Movement.

Tell Your Lawmakers that You're a Conservation Voter
Find Your Legislators

Engaging with your elected officials is one of the best ways you can impact the future of our state. Your legislators need to hear from you, otherwise they will only hear from the high-powered lobbyists that dominate Tallahassee politics.

Enter your information on the right and we'll show you a list of every elected official that represents you at the state and local levels. The best way to make your voice heard is by an in-person meeting at their district office, but an email and phone call will suffice.

Knowing who represents you is the first step in having a voice in your local politics. We invite you to get informed and get involved!

Find Your Legislators
Say NO Roads To Ruin! Submit a Comment to the Toll Road Task Force

The three toll roads will slice through some of the best remaining natural and agricultural areas, permanently severing connectivity within critical wildlife corridors.

Every day Florida faces threats from air and water pollution, an exploding population, and a changing climate. With so many immediate and pressing priorities, our state legislature should be investing in ways to ensure a healthier environment and brighter future for all, rather than spending precious resources on these "roads to ruin."

Your voice is needed to help stop this misguided plan! Take action right now!

Submit a Comment to the Toll Road Task Force