Community Redistricting Requires Community Involvement

The process of redrawing political district boundaries is one of the essential responsibilities of our government. The results of this process will affect a community for the next decade, and in some instances, the impacts could last generations. You may think that the gravity of this once-a-decade event would be

Decolonizing Thanksgiving

I’m writing to you from the stolen land of the Seminole, Tequesta, & Miccosukee also known as Miami. As we get closer to “Thanksgiving” we must ask ourselves, what are we celebrating? “For many Native Americans[…]Thanksgiving is a national day of mourning over the genocide that took place throughout America”

Fair Districts Protect our Freedoms

The most important part of our government is the idea of equal representation. Every vote should carry the same weight. But depending on how political district boundaries are drawn, it is possible to minimize the impact of particular groups of people. Deliberately drawing districts to hurt or help a specific

Florida’s Native American History

November is Native American Heritage Month and Florida is rich in indigenous history. With several historic groups of indigenous peoples, Florida’s was - and is today - a land of plentiful resources.  When we protect our land and water, we protect our history. Aucilla River, provided by Florida Natural Areas

Floridians Share Why They Want Climate Action Now

We are in the midst of one of the biggest pushes for climate action in our nation’s history as members of Congress work to finalize the Build Back Better Act. President Biden, House Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer have made it clear that the bipartisan infrastructure framework must

Miami Dade Redistricting Update and Dates

In the Miami- Dade County Citizens Redistricting Advisory Board Meeting on Oct 1, 2021, the following updates were discussed: ▪ District 5 Commissioner Eileen Higgins would represent all of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood under the proposed map. Currently, the southern portion of Brickell falls in Regalado’s District 7. ▪ Portions of

Tell Congress Inaction on Climate Change Is Inexcusable

Florida is on the front lines of dangerous climate change impacts, including rising seas, higher temperatures, and more extreme weather. We need climate action now. With the Build Back Better Act, we have the opportunity to transition to 100% clean electricity, move away from dirty fossil fuels, and reduce our

Updates on Piney Point

Thank you to all of the Conservation Voters that took action to protect our water. On Oct 6, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) held a public open house in Bradenton. The purpose was to discuss the controversial deep injection well permit being sought by Manatee County to dispose