Governor DeSantis Signs Anti-Voter Bill Into Law

FCV is appalled that Governor DeSantis would sign Senate Bill 90, a voter suppression bill, into law. Voters expect their elected lawmakers, including the Governor, to make voting more accessible for Floridians, but this bill creates barriers that will effectively silence many workers, voters of color, and voters with disabilities

7 Florida School Districts Awarded Clean, Electric Buses

Florida is moving one step closer to clean, electric school buses for all! The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recently released award letters to seven Florida school districts, allocating a total of $57 million to purchase new fully electric bus fleets under their “Electric School Bus Project.” Miami-Dade and Palm

Legislature Passes M-CORES Toll Road Repeal Bill

SB100 passed the Senate and House on April 27. This bill repeals the M-CORES toll roads program but prioritizes new road construction, including an extension of the Florida Turnpike.  Thousands of Conservation Voters and Floridians around the state spoke against these destructive M-CORES toll roads. Thank you! It’s been a

Biden’s American Rescue Plan Will Boost Conservation Funding

Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Congress, Florida will receive a projected $10 billion in federal Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds. In a budget press conference today, the Florida House and Senate have agreed to direct $300 million towards the Florida Forever program, specifically for the protection of

Locals Locked Out of Solar Decision Making

The comments below were given to the Senate Rules Committee on April 20, 2021 by Deputy Director Jonathan Webber. SB 896 - Amendment 713270 Good morning, my name is Jonathan Webber with Florida Conservation Voters and I urge this committee to oppose this amendment.  All commonly accepted definitions of environmental

Florida Forever Funded at $100 Million

After a long few days of budget negotiations, the House and Senate have agreed to fund the Florida Forever program at $100 million! Hundreds of Conservation Voters contacted budget leaders and urged them to fund our vital conservation programs. Your advocacy made a difference!  From our award-winning parks and miles

SB 90 a Step Backward on Voting Access

The comments below were given to the Senate Rules Committee on April 16, 2021 by Deputy Director Jonathan Webber. Read SB 90 here. Good morning my name is Jonathan Webber and I’m the Deputy Director of Florida Conservation Voters. Unfortunately, SB 90 is a step backwards. While we appreciate the

SB 100 Partial M-CORES Repeal

The comments below were given to the House Appropriations Committee on April 16, 2021 by Government Relations Director Lindsay Cross. Read SB 100 here Good morning Chair Trumball and members of the committee. I’m Lindsay Cross, Government Relations Director with Florida Conservation Voters. I am speaking for information purposes, however,