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State Redistricting Committees Announced

published on: September 7, 2021

Big news: We have the official list of legislators who will decide how Florida’s state legislative and Congressional districts are drawn for the next ten years.

Using the data provided by the U.S. Census, state lawmakers come together every decade to draw new district lines that give each of our votes equal weight and equitable resources. Ensuring that elected leaders draw political maps fairly has been an ongoing challenge since the early days of this country. To protect our environment, we need a strong democracy where voters’ voices and votes are valued. A strong democracy requires fair districts. 

Here are the Senators and Representatives on the State House and Senate Redistricting Committees:



Ray Rodrigues, Chair (R-27)

Doug Broxson, Vice Chair (R-1)

Aaron Bean (R-4)

Randolph Bracy (D-11)

Jennifer Bradley (R-5)

Danny Burgess (R-20)

Audrey Gibson (D-6)

Gayle Harrell (R-25)

Ana Maria Rodriguez (R-39)

Darryl Rouson (D-19)

Kelli Stargel (R-22)

Linda Stewart (D-13)


Select Subcommittee on Congressional Reapportionment

Jennifer Bradley, Chair (R-5)

Aaron Bean (R-4)

Gayle Harrell (R-25)

Darryl Rouson (D-19)

Linda Stewart (D-13)


Select Subcommittee on Legislative Reapportionment

Danny Burgess, Chair (R-20)

Randolph Bracy (D-11)

Audrey Gibson (D-6) 

Ana Maria Rodriguez (R-39)

Kelli Stargel (R-22)


Redistricting Committee

Chair: Tom Leek (R-25)

Vice Chair: Randy Fine (R-53)

Alex Andrade (R-2)

Bryan Avila (R-111)

James Bush (D-109)

Cord Byrd (R-11)

Chuck Clemons (R-21)

Brad Drake (R-5)

Fentrice Driskell (D-63)

Joe Geller (D-100)

Joy Goff-Marcil (D-30)

Erin Grall (R-54)

Michael Grant (R-75)

Evan Jenne (D-99)

Chris Latvala (R-67)

Amber Mariano (R-36)

Anika Omphroy (D-95)

Bobby Payne (R-19)

Will Robinson (R-71)

Bob Rommel (R-106)

Tyler Sirois (R-51)

Emily Slosberg (D-91)

Geraldine Thompson (D-44)

Kaylee Tuck (R-55)


Congressional Redistricting Subcommittee

Chair: Tyler Sirois (R-51)

Vice Chair: Kaylee Tuck (R-55)

Mike Beltran (R-57)

Christopher Benjamin (D-107)

Kamia Brown (D-45)

Tom Fabricio (R-103)

Elizabeth Fetterhoff (R-26)

Jason Fischer (R-16)

Mike Giallombardo (R-77)

Joe Harding (R-22)

Christine Hunschofsky (D-96)

Dotie Joseph (D-108)

Ralph Massullo, Jr. (R-34)

Daisy Morales (D-48)

Daniel Perez (R-116)

Scott Plakon (R-29)

David Silvers (D-87)

Kelly Skidmore (D-81)

Jackie Toledo (R-60)

Dana Trabulsy (R-84)

Jayer Williamson (R-3)


State Legislative Redistricting Subcommittee

Chair: Cord Byrd (R-11)

Vice Chair: Will Robinson (R-71)

Kristen Arrington (D-43)

Webster Barnaby (R-27)

Melony Bell (R-56)

Chuck Brannan (R-10)

Kevin Chambliss (D-117)

Dan Daley (D-97)

Sam Garrison (R-18)

Dianne Hart (D-61)

Fred Hawkins (R-42)

Patt Maney (R-4)

Stan McClain (R-23)

Lauren Melo (R-80)

Jim Mooney (R-120)

Jenna Persons-Mulicka (R-78)

Michelle Salzman (R-1)

John Snyder (R-82)

Allison Tant (D-9)

Susan Valdés (D-62)

Marie Woodson (D-101)

Can you help us ensure that districts are drawn fairly?

One of the key ways to ensure fair maps is to ask our state legislators to follow the Fair Districts provisions in the Florida Constitution. Please ask your lawmakers to sign on to the Fair Districts pledge. This action takes less than one minute but can make an impact for a lifetime.

Partisan gerrymandering impacts all the issues we care about – from climate change, affordable healthcare, and gun violence prevention. It is harder to make progress on issues that so many Floridians support when our elected officials do not reflect the true will of the people.

 The districts we draw this year will shape our lives and our communities for the next decade. To restore voters; trust in the redistricting process after 2012’s failures, we need a strong commitment to fairness. By taking action, you remind your lawmakers that they work for you and you expect them to play fair.

Learn more about the districting process and why fair districts matter and how to get involved!

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