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We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Play Fair, Lawmakers: Draw Fair Districts

Every ten years, after the census, the Florida Legislature redraws the boundaries of our congressional, state House and state Senate districts. This was originally intended to ensure that districts are equal in population -- to make sure that every person has equal representation. Unfortunately, legislators who draw the districts are

Governor DeSantis Signs Anti-Voter Bill Into Law

FCV is appalled that Governor DeSantis would sign Senate Bill 90, a voter suppression bill, into law. Voters expect their elected lawmakers, including the Governor, to make voting more accessible for Floridians, but this bill creates barriers that will effectively silence many workers, voters of color, and voters with disabilities

Black Lives Matter

Statement from Florida Conservation Voters and FCV Chispa Florida We are grieving the continued loss of Black lives to an all too regular stream of unchecked violence at the hands of police. One year after George Floyd’s murder, we are still witnessing violence against and disregard for Black lives. We

Voting Access is Personal

On March 22, I spoke in opposition to PIE5, a rollback of voting rights and access. As I was thinking through my remarks, I started going through the bill section by section and discussing the many ways it is a deliberate mess of bureaucracy designed to bog down the system