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We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Beach Wade-Ins Inspired Civil Rights Action

Imagine your favorite beach. The crash of waves, the sound of sea oats in the wind, the warm sun on bare skin. In the late 1940s through 1960s, the beach experience was not open for all but was instead limited to only White residents and visitors. Historically, Black Floridians were

Letter to Lawmakers: HB 1/SB 484 – Combating Public Disorder

The Letter Below Was Sent to All Florida Legislators Dear Lawmaker, The right to assemble and petition our government is intrinsic to the American experience and is a right guaranteed to the people by the United States Constitution. Like the right to vote, protest is one of the tools Americans

Racial Disparities in Outdoor Experiences

"The wild things and places belong to all of us... As young people of color reconnect with what so many of their ancestors knew—that our connections to the land run deep, like the taproots of mighty oaks; that the land renews and sustains us—maybe things will begin to change." -

Volunteers Make a Difference

Victory tastes sweetest when shared. This past year, countless organizations across our country worked to elect pro-environment leaders to public office. From helping people register to vote to sharing crucial vote-by-mail resources, first-time volunteers put in hours of hard work to advance voter engagement. And today, a week after President