Savana Roach, Author at Florida Conservation Voters
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Author: Savana Roach

We elect lawmakers who protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Volunteers Make a Difference

Victory tastes sweetest when shared. This past year, countless organizations across our country worked to elect pro-environment leaders to public office. From helping people register to vote to sharing crucial vote-by-mail resources, first-time volunteers put in hours of hard work to advance voter engagement. And

How to Vote-By-Mail

Election Day may be on Nov. 3, but voting has already started. In fact, many Florida voters have already cast their ballots by mail. As of October 16, over 2 million mail-in ballots have been counted! Florida’s environment is on your ballot. Whether it’s national, state,

Register to Vote & Volunteer!

Have you moved recently? Summer is the peak moving season throughout the U.S. As you settle into a new place and update your mailing address, make sure to update your address on your voter registration too! With less than two months until the general election and the

Vote-By-Mail: Request, Receive, Return

Voting by mail ensures you don’t have to choose between your right to vote and keeping yourself, your community, our healthcare workers, first responders, and seniors safe. Florida has a no-excuse vote-by-mail system, which means that any voter can request a vote-by-mail ballot without providing