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2020: A Mission of Growth and Grassroots Gains

published on: January 3, 2020

The New Year is a time for reflection, reset, and revitalization. Both personally and professionally, it’s a time to take a look inward and revisit our mission and long-term goals. At FCV, we envision a government that reflects the people it serves and lawmakers who vigorously fight for policies that protect our environment and create a healthy, sustainable future for all Floridians. To make that vision a reality, we’ve made it our mission to engage people in our democracy to protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.  

In 2020, we’re looking forward to doing more than ever to actualize our conservation values in communities and the Capitol.

With this in mind, our top Three New Year’s Resolutions are:

1. We’ll Push Even Harder
FCV relies on our advocates to push lawmakers to enact and enforce strong environmental protections. With online petitions, postcard-writing campaigns, and one-click public comment submissions, our goal is to give Floridians the tools they need to engage with elected officials — often! This year, we look forward to launching more opportunities for you to connect with lawmakers, both at the state and local levels. Whether it’s our tried-and-true Find Your Legislators tool or building new direct social, email, and phone call lines for issues like water quality and climate action, we will push even harder this year to turn your environmental priorities into policy.

2. We’ll Make More Community Connections
Community is key to making meaningful change. We assess our success based on the results it achieves for Florida’s people, especially communities of color, low-income communities, working families, and other communities that have been and continue to be most harmed by pollution. We look forward to hosting more community events this year such as neighborhood picnics and phone banking, to name a few. Digitally, we plan to host more Clean Buses webinars and Days of Action throughout the 2020 legislative session and election season. When we connect in our neighborhoods, we help build stronger, more tight-knit communities. When we are united, our voices can’t be ignored. 

3. We’ll Build Power by Sharing Knowledge 
You won’t often find us quoting old adages, but here’s one that guides our work every day: knowledge is power. That’s why we work so hard to learn from our trusted partners and share concise, credible, and fact-based information that you can use to advocate for Florida’s environment. In addition to educating Floridians about our climate crisis, conservation, and water policy, it is vitally important for us to raise public awareness of voting rights issues and the democratic process. Florida is home to some of the most incredible natural systems on Earth, and together it’s our responsibility to protect them in the face of population growth that will put us over the 26-million mark by 2030. We need every visitor and resident to know about Florida’s environment and the threats our land and water face every day. With your help, we can continue to expand our Education Fund, bringing knowledge to students young and old. 

We have hefty goals. And while the challenges ahead are many, we are confident that we can make continued strides for the environment this year. Because of our dedicated supporters and members like you, we know that the future is bright.