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Learning More in 2020

published on: January 6, 2020

Education is who we are. Our mission of electing environmental leaders can only be fulfilled by an educated and engaged public. FCV Education Fund is committed to community organizing and education for students both young and old. To protect and enrich Florida’s environment, we must empower Conservation Voters to educate themselves on natural resources, climate impacts, and how they can hold their lawmakers accountable. 

To this end, our staff is dedicated to continuous learning, personally and professionally. There’s always something new and exciting to learn about Florida’s environment and policy process.  Here are FCV staff’s resource recommendations:

Did you know that FCV has an Amazon Book List? We fill this wishlist with books that we want to read (or re-read). On our list are Florida Classics like Marjorie Stoneman Douglas’ River of Grass and books about race and society like White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. Check out the list and comment with your book recommendations below this blog!  

As we begin legislative session on January 14, viewers can tune into the Florida Channel for free via public broadcast, online, or through their ROKU app. The Florida Channel broadcasts a constant stream of committee hearings, press conferences, and educational features.
YouTube is also an excellent educational resource. Shows like Wild Wander dive deep into Florida’s flora and fauna, providing an overlook of water systems, wildlife habitat, and the threats facing our natural gems. 

There are lots of opportunities to meet up with local nature lovers and learn about the outdoors. Every Florida county has a UF/IFAS Extension that provides resources for residential gardeners and agricultural producers alike, including Master Gardner and Master Naturalist programs. You can also visit Florida State Parks for interpretive trails or educational events. Volunteering at your public lands, like state parks or trails, is a great way to learn about natural ecosystems.

Education is core to our mission and important to our staff. This year, we will continue to invest in education both internally and in communities. With these resources and recommendations, we invite you to join our 2020 learning journey. We are looking forward to a year of education, public engagement, and advocacy, all for the benefit of Florida’s environment.