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Mobilizing Art for Action

published on: September 12, 2019

Often times I’m faced with the question of why art should even have a place in the climate crisis discussion, or how art moves the needle on climate change.  With less than 11 years left to take action and reverse our current course, art might be the best tool we have to create social consciousness. 

Much of the climate change information that the public is exposed to is either dense with data or polarized as Democratic or Republican agendas. But one thing is clear: art can inform and persuade citizens to take action. Art can raise a host of emotions in us, and even creates opportunities for dissent. Art can bring together communities to find creative, bipartisan solutions to our biggest problems. 

Climate disruption is an urgent and honest term for global warming and the human-made impacts posed to all aspects of life on Earth.  Here is South Florida, our most daunting disruption is sea-level rise. Together with artist Adam Kuby and Micro Galleries, we are showing the international community the real threats that sea-level rise poses in our corner of the planet. 

Micro Galleries has enlisted artists and communities from around the world to create public works that communicate unique, regional Climate Disruptions. South Florida will highlight our climate disruption through the open installation, “Sea Level Rise 2080.”

We must engage as many people as we can in climate crisis discussions. By mobilizing art in a public and accessible place we increase the number of people who our message can reach. Through local and international community projects like this, we can expand our networks and bring awareness to these issues before its too late.

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What: Global Day of Creative Action 

When:  September 21, 2019

Time: 11am – 1pm 

Where: Lummus Park, Miami Beach.

This artwork is also available open-source so that anyone can create their own version of “Sea Level 2080” for their community.