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Published on: Love Letters to Florida

Dear Florida: “How could you let that happen?”

published on: September 12, 2019

By Cynthia Elia, Clermont

Dear Florida,

My special places are disappearing due to sprawl. Unchecked growth lines the pockets of ruthless land developers, greedy politicians, and community board members who are hostile to environmental and wildlife protection because it doesn’t benefit them financially. 

My special places— my rural bicycle trails, wetlands, rolling Clermont hillsides, old-growth pine, and oak forests are gone, clear-cut and replaced with endless rows of rooftops and non-native landscaping (which doesn’t support our butterflies, birds, and natural predators.)

I’ve gotta be honest: I fear for wildlife and waterway survival. I fear cancer due to all these chemicals from industry and the quest for perfect lawns and golf courses. I can’t sleep at night. I’m depressed and I know my friends feel the same.  Outdoor activities make me sad because you can’t drive anywhere without seeing FOR SALE signs on every green area.And now we have this toll road proposal which will cut off our wildlife migration for all species. They will go extinct and my grandchildren will say “How could you let that happen?” and I will have no answer…