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Will You Show Up for Florida’s Youth?

published on: September 12, 2019

Youth across America and around the world are taking to the streets on September 20 for a global Youth Climate Strike. Three days before the UN Climate Summit in New York, millions of concerned citizens will demand action for our climate. Florida’s youth are organizing in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale to raise their voices for:

  1. Marginalized Communities. Communities across America and the world —especially communities of color, communities with disabilities, and low- income communities— are disproportionately impacted by our climate crisis.
  2. Climate Prioritization. We’ll aim to draw attention to world leaders that have yet to acknowledge, prioritize, or properly address our climate crisis need. 
  3. Social Order Disruption. By refusing to attend school, institutions are forced to face the impacts of climate change and enact change.
  4. Legislative Action. Radical legislative action is needed to combat climate change.

Decades of inaction have left us with just 11 years to change our trajectory.

We must act now. Adults have a unique opportunity to not only take a backseat on this issue but to uplift the voices of the next generation. We must follow youth organizers as they lead the charge.  

Click here to find a strike near you.

If you can’t join the strike in person on Friday, join FCV the next day for a Global Day of Creative Action at Lummus Park in Miami Beach.

Click here to RSVP for the Palm Beach County Youth Climate Strike.

When: Sept. 20, 2019

Time: 4 p.m.-  6 p.m.

Where: 700 S Rosemary Ave Suite 200, West Palm Beach, FL, 33401