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Update: FCV Members Say NO to Offshore Oil Drilling

published on: September 6, 2018

FCV’s Courtnee Connon and Jonathan Webber meet with Mary Louise Hester from Senator Bill Nelson’s office.

Thank you to the over 1300 people who added their name to our letter asking Florida’s Congressional Delegation to oppose President Donald Trump’s plans to open our waters to offshore oil drilling. Protecting our coast is not a partisan political issue; it’s a Floridian issue.

As an update, we wanted to let you know that we recently divided all of the signatures by Congressional District and mailed them to the appropriate Member of Congress.

FCV’s Courtnee Connon and Jonathan Webber met with Senator Bill Nelson’s staff here in Tallahassee to present the list of names in person. The Senator’s team wanted us to let you know that Senator Nelson opposes all new drilling anywhere in the United States. We also received a note from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office to tell us that she also opposes all new offshore drilling anywhere in the United States.

Thank you for adding your name to our letter. Your voice matters, and it is so important that our elected officials know you are watching. But just because we sent our letter, it does not mean our job is done. Your voice will likely be needed again when President Trump releases his full offshore oil drilling proposal later this year. Stay tuned.

Click here to see Deputy Director Jonathan Webber’s letter-to-the-editor of the Naples Daily News.

Thank you for all that you do for Florida.