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Published on: Press Releases

Florida Conservation Voters endorses Sean Shaw for Attorney General

published on: August 24, 2018

Today Florida Conservation Voters (FCV) announced their endorsement of Sean Shaw (D) for Florida’s Attorney General.

“Sean Shaw has dedicated his professional career to standing up to powerful special interests on behalf of the people of Florida,” said Aliki Moncrief, Executive Director of FCV. “He understands the devastating impact climate change and sea level rise are already having on our economy and communities, and he won’t be shy about holding polluters accountable for undermining environmental protections. Florida Conservation Voters is proud to support Sean Shaw to be Florida’s next Attorney General.”

FCV’s mission is to elect leaders who represent the conservation values of everyday Floridians. Millions of people have demanded greater protections for irreplaceable treasures like our springs, more funding for parks, and clean energy policies that benefit Florida families, and not special interests.

“Fighting for our environment will be one of my top priorities as Attorney General,” said Sean Shaw, candidate for Attorney General. “The algae blooms and red tide that we’re seeing on beaches all across this states aren’t just bad for our ecosystems, they’re bad for our economy. The rising sea levels and increasingly powerful hurricanes are a threat to this state’s very existence. We cannot sit idly by and allow corporations to destroy one of, if not the most, unique ecosystems in the world. Scientists agree climate change is real, and I agree with science. As Attorney General, I will strictly enforce our environmental laws, prosecute corporate polluters, and protect our lands, waters and beaches.“

Pd. pol. adv. paid for and provided in-kind by Florida Conservation Voters, Inc., 1700 N. Monroe St. #11-286, Tallahassee, FL 32303. Approved by Sean Shaw, Democrat, for Attorney General.