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Aliki Moncrief Op-Ed: Key component missing from Floridians’ hurricane kits

published on: August 7, 2018

Our executive director, Aliki Moncrief, wrote an op-ed that was featured in the Daytona Beach News Journal and the Gainesville Sun.

Here’s a sneak preview:


The shelves in Publix are stocked with water, batteries, canned goods, and flashlights — it can only mean one thing: another hurricane season in Florida is in full swing. According to climate experts, Floridians should prepare for another above-average active season. Scientists expect the severity and strength of storms to increase as a direct result of climate change.

Yet, for every family stocking up on their emergency hurricane gear, there is another family without the means to buy food for their families that night — let alone to save for a rainy day. Many Floridians lack reliable transportation to sit in traffic for hours on end to get them out of the path of the storm. And not everyone can afford to buy a $1,000 generator and fuel if they must stay home. Unfortunately, the state seems to cater hurricane preparedness efforts to the families that can — leaving too many Floridians without protection.

Natural disasters are known as the “great equalizer.” But that could not be farther from the truth. Marginalized groups have a direct disadvantage. And non-inclusive hurricane preparedness plans are not helping.


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