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Published on: Activism

Coastal Crisis: Call Your Lawmakers Today

published on: August 8, 2018

Manatees have now been added to the list of dead wildlife washing up on Florida’s shores along with hundreds of sea turtles, untold numbers of fish, and even a whale shark. Why this is happening isn’t a mystery. Scientists have been warning us for years that water pollution and higher temperatures are a deadly mix.

This year — once again — pollution and higher temperatures are fueling one of the Gulf’s worst toxic red tides in recent memory. Meanwhile, on our Atlantic coast, a plague of blue-green algae is spreading, killing fish, shutting down our beaches, and threatening our coastal way of life.

No matter how politicians try to deflect blame away from themselves, the law is clear: the burden of protecting Florida’s waters falls on the State Legislature and Governor.

We believe every elected official must have a plan to help solve this crisis that is quickly getting out of control. Florida has lost too many summers to inaction from our elected officials.

As a constituent, you can make a difference right now by contacting your state lawmakers. Demand to see their plan for ending human-caused red tide and algae blooms once and for all.

This tragedy is preventable. We know the cause, and we have solutions. What we need are lawmakers who’ll stand up to polluters and end this now.

Thank you for your time.