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Trump Administration Rolls Back Clean Car Standards and Attacks State Authority

published on: August 2, 2018

For Immediate Release: August 2, 2018
Contact: Aliki Moncrief, Executive Director, [email protected], 850-443-7609
Twitter: @fcvoters
Trump Administration Rolls Back Clean Car Standards and Attacks State Authority
Statement from Aliki Moncrief, Executive Director, Florida Conservation Voters


Tallahassee, FL (August 2, 2018)Today, Florida Conservation Voters’, Aliki Moncrief, released the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s decision to roll back America’s money-saving clean car standards:

“President Trump and Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, as well as Acting NHTSA Administrator Heidi King, are playing fast and loose with Americans’ health in their single-minded quest to dismantle key environmental safeguards. Tearing down successful and achievable climate change and air pollution protections endangers everyone, and slashing money-saving standards just as gas prices hit a four-year high amounts to a direct attack on families who can’t afford to pay more at the pump. This rollback is further tainted since it was developed during disgraced former EPA Administrator Pruitt’s time in office, who is still the subject of at least 16 federal investigations into his abuse of taxpayer funds, improper dealings with lobbyists, and other ethical violations. By moving forward with this extreme and senseless proposal, Wheeler demonstrates the same rampant disregard for science and contempt for the mission of his own agency as Pruitt. We strongly oppose Trump, Wheeler, and King’s toxic agenda and will fight this reckless rollback at every turn.”