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Published on: Activism

TAKE ACTION: Protect Solar in Jacksonville

published on: November 13, 2017

Last month, the Jacksonville Electric Authority overwhelmingly approved a policy that will severely cripple the solar market in northeast Florida. Falsely publicized as a pro-solar move, this new policy almost completely eliminates a JEA customers’ incentive to install solar panels.

Before this change, solar users would send their extra electricity back to the grid and receive a fair price — the same price JEA charges its customers. That’s what made it affordable for the average family to go solar in the first place. By taking away this fair compensation, JEA’s policy eliminates any incentive for citizens in JEA’s service territory to go solar.

Our friends at Solar United Neighbors of Florida put together a great petition demanding JEA to reconsider this harmful policy.

Click here to sign the petition and send a clear message to JEA that citizens demand fair compensation for their solar energy!

Hurricane Irma caused massive power outages across the Jacksonville area. However, families with solar panels and battery storage systems avoided some of the storm’s worse effects. Solar power with battery storage untethers citizens from an outdated and antiquated power grid system that relies on carbon-producing fracked gas. And JEA’s policies should encourage more citizens to go solar, not the other way around.

Click here to add your name to this important petition.