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Published on: Activism

Sen. Bradley’s Florida Forever bill passes through its first committee

published on: November 6, 2017

Just moments ago, Senator Rob Bradley’s (R-Orange Park) Florida Forever funding bill passed its first committee stop. This legislation, known as SB 370, would dedicate an annual amount of $100 million to the Florida Forever Trust Fund. His bill is a significant step forward to fulfilling the intent of the 2014 Water and Land Conservation Amendment.

The official start date of the 2018 Florida Legislative Session is January 9. Having this bill moving through the Senate so early in the legislative process is an extremely good sign. Although there is not yet a House sponsor for this legislation, FCV fully expects a bill to emerge before the end of the year.

Make no mistake – we are far from the finish line when it comes to this bill becoming a law. Your voice will be needed. Please stay tuned for more emails about this bill AND sign up for our text messaging program.

Here is FCV Executive Director Aliki Moncrief’s statement on the bill:

“We appreciate Senator Rob Bradley’s effort to get Florida Forever back on track. As the state’s most successful land-buying program, Florida Forever protects our waterways, wildlife and remaining natural areas, striking the right balance between our state’s continued growth and our conservation needs. Senator Bradley’s proposal of $100 million per year is a great start. His bill signals a commitment to a meaningful investment in our natural resources that honors the diversity of Florida and recognizes the breadth of challenges that public lands can help solve.”