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Mobilizing Water Warriors

published on: July 29, 2021

Floridians want healthy beaches and clean water. But right now, Florida is sick. The cause: red tide. Hundreds of manatees have died of starvation, tons of dead fish are flooding our waterways, and sharks have attempted to escape red tide by swimming into our canals. While red tide is natural, this deadly flare-up is not normal.

Your lawmakers have a duty to protect Florida, but if they don’t protect our water, they are failing us all. Governor Ron DeSantis and your state House member and state Senator make decisions on your behalf – decisions that either hurt or help our water. How do your elected lawmakers plan to clean up and prevent red tide? There’s one way to find out: ask them.

Achieving clean water for our communities starts with holding our lawmakers accountable. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, I’ll be calling on environmentalists like you to take action. We’ll connect not just as Conservation Voters, but as water warriors. On Thursday, Aug. 5, #FCVolunteers will be calling our fellow Floridians to talk about these issues. Can you join our movement? When you register for the event and join us via Zoom, you’ll play a critical role in moving the needle for clean water. At the event, I’ll give you hands-on support and training on how to connect with your fellow Floridians. Then, you’ll call our list of like-minded voters across the state to raise awareness about Florida’s current water crisis.

Sign up for our Clean Water Phone Bank event here!

When we connect with people, we can achieve great things. With your help, we’ll inspire and mobilize people to take action by contacting their state elected officials about Florida’s water quality issues. I hope you can make it!

We all want clean water. And not just to swim and play in, but to drink and bathe in too. Water is life. We need clean water to survive and thrive. Our lawmakers need to hear from us. Join our phonebanking party to learn, mobilize, and make a difference. Florida’s water thanks you!

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