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Author: Laura Rivera

How to Lobby 101: Speaking to your Legislators

Craft your elevator pitch. When speaking to your legislators, it’s important to go in knowing a concise way to get your point across. Before meeting, create an “elevator pitch” for your cause. Being able to explain your point in less than 90 seconds helps you

Women’s History Month Feature: Aliki Moncrief

“I was lucky to be able to grow up in a place that was considered by many and still is considered by many to be an absolute paradise, and that's South Florida.”  Meet Aliki Moncrief. As Executive Director of Florida Conservation Voters, you may know

Make a Change, Become a Poll Worker!

You’ve most likely heard of or experienced good voting experiences - and maybe some bad ones. While many factors go into your time at the polls, one of the most important and most quintessential parts of the experience is poll workers! Poll workers are a