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New District Lines for Miami Dade County Residents

published on: February 1, 2022

2022 New District Lines! Miami Dade County completed its redistricting efforts at the end of 2021 with the board of county commissioners adopting the final map on December 1, 2021. What does this mean for residents?

The following areas have been impacted:

  • Area bounded on the east by Biscayne Boulevard, on the north by NE 9th Street, on the south by NE 5th Street, and on the west by NE 2nd Avenue has been moved from District 3 to District 5.
  • The Hialeah Racetrack and area extending north to West 34th Street moved to District 13
  • The area bounded on the west by West 4th Avenue, on the east by Palm Avenue, and on the north by West 34th Street moved to District 6
  • The area bounded on the west by East 4th Avenue, on the east by the current District 2 Commission District boundary, and on the north by East 25th Street to moved District 6.
  • The area bounded on the west by East 4th Avenue, on the east by East 11th Avenue, and on the north by East 32nd Street moved from District 13 to District 6.
  • Area located south of SW 152nd Street between SW 147th Avenue and SW 157th Avenue moved from District 11 to District 9
  • The “Las Palmas” residential area and surrounding area generally bounded on the north by SW 104th Street, on the west by SW 221st Avenue, on the south by SW 168th Street and extending east to Krome Avenue moved from District 9 to District 11.
  • The area between the current District 1 boundary and Burlington Street, north of the Opa Locka canal, as well as the area extending south of Burlington Street to Wilmington Street, west by Ahmed Street moved from District 2 to District 1.

All Miami Dade county residents that have been impacted by the new district lines should do the following:

  • Find out who your new local officials are (commissioner, city council, mayor, etc)
  • Find out your polling precinct (
  • Attend community meetings to see how the new lines will impact school districts, polling locations, municipality laws, etc.

Senator Shevrin Jones and City of Miami Gardens Councilman Robert Stephens III hosted a Florida Redistricting Town Hall on Monday, January 24th at Bunche Park in Miami Gardens. The town hall featured Broward County Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott and Miami Dade County Deputy Supervisor of Elections Michael Johnson. Important takeaways from that meeting include:

  • There are new district numbers, City of Miami Gardens now falls into District 34, Senator Jones has declared this new area
  • City of Miramar and City of Pembroke Pines used to be in the same district as the City of Miami Gardens, now those two municipalities fall into District 35
  • The last Black access seat in Miami Dade County is District 34
  • All 160 seats in Florida legislature are up for re-election
  • City of Miami Gardens is now broken up into 4 representatives
  • South Beach is now included in Congresswoman Frederica Wilson’s congressional map 34 along with Miami Gardens, North Miami, Sunny Isles, etc.
  • Miami Dade County Supervisor of Elections will be elected beginning in 2024, as of now the position is appointed
  • Miami Dade County residents will be mailed a new voter ID card if they have been impacted by the new district lines being drawn
  • If there is a legal battle involving the maps presented by the Florida legislature, the maps presented will be enforced until the Florida Supreme Court makes a decision and the Florida Supreme Court decision will go into effect next election cycle (2024)

The State of Florida Senate and Congress are currently in session working towards finalizing new congressional maps. As of January 25th, the Senate completed their maps and Congress has not. Florida gained a new Congressional district (U.S. House District 28) which will be placed in Central Florida, west of Osceola County, Polk County line.

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