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That’s A Wrap -FCV Top Wins of 2021

published on: December 20, 2021

This past year, with the support of members like you, FCV achieved some truly incredible things. Read about some of the top wins of 2021 below.

2021 Briefing Book

We worked with 24 organizations to publish and distribute our Briefing Book, providing Florida lawmakers with a concise understanding of Florida’s most critical environmental and social justice issues–and how they are inextricably linked. These 50-page, full-color briefs were printed and distributed to lawmakers, media, and educational and partner organizations. They’re also available online to the public.

Conservation Voter Calls to Action

Our policy team brought statewide environmental advocacy campaigns directly to members like you through online calls to action. We’ve organized online by calling on everyday people to connect with their lawmakers on the issues they care about.

Multilingual Communication

Spanish-language media outlets often do not report on environmental issues, not because of a lack of interest, but due to a lack of Spanish-speaking outreach from traditional environmental organizations. By working with Spanish media outlets and translating our digital communication into multiple languages, we’re increasing engagement and dialogue on the environmental issues that impact all of us.

Banco de Mujeres

One of our most impactful and popular initiatives of 2021 was Chispa FL’s Banco de Mujeres (Women’s pantry), which builds connections with girls and women by introducing environmentally friendly options for feminine care products and diapers. Working with local faith-based organizations, we’ll continue providing resources directly to those who need them. 

Clean Buses for Healthy Niños

We’re continuing to work with community allies, active school board members, teachers, and parents to apply for the funds that were allocated from the FDEP to fund clean electric school buses in public schools. These efforts have led to an unprecedented number of applications for FDEP’s clean bus grant program as well as commitments by multiple local school boards to electrify their fleets.

Promotores Program

In September, our team graduated 40 “promotores” who will now be working with Chispa FL staff organizers to move environmental justice to the forefront of our lawmakers’ priorities and create green infrastructure in Florida’s Latino communities. Promotores spent months attending workshops on civic engagement and its importance to achieving environmental policies that protect the right to clean air, clean water, and a safe climate.

Democracy for Youth

In 2021, Democracy for All graduated 85 youth from its Democracy for Youth (DeFY) program, many of whom are now implementing the campaigns they created during the workshops. Over this eight-week course, youth in Miami-Dade County learned about civic engagement, history, organizing 101, and how to create compelling and successful organizing campaigns.

Community Surveys & Focus Groups

In 2021, we conducted essential surveys to learn more about what issues matter most to Florida’s Latino communities, which make up 26% of our state’s population. Through phone banking, events, and digital outreach, we’ve reached more than 1,000 individuals and have conducted 11 focus-group community listening sessions. We plan to continue these surveys to learn what values are most important to people.

The Fight for Fair Districts

This year we have been steadily organizing, both in communities and digitally, to urge our lawmakers to follow the Fair Districts provisions in the Florida Constitution. In  2012, Florida’s Legislature passed gerrymandered maps, resulting in years of court battles at taxpayers’ expense, not to mention the years of environmental policy inaction that followed. We believe Floridians deserve fair representation by their elected officials as a cornerstone of the democratic process. 


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