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FCV Land Acknowledgement

published on: October 8, 2021

We acknowledge that the land that the State of Florida occupies is the rightful indigenous land of the Native Peoples of America. FCV lives, works, and plays on Muskogee/Creek, Tocobaga, Timucua, and Seminole land. This land is theirs, it is sacred, and it is the duty of every person who occupies this place to respect it and seek to redress the foundational injustice which established this polity

Florida is rich in indigenous history and we celebrate the land, water, and wildlife that make our home special. When we protect our environment, we protect our history. We further acknowledge that the State of Florida has been built in large part on the coerced and unrewarded labor of people of color, enslaved Africans and their descendants, and migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean. The alienation of native peoples from their land and people of color from the fruits of their labor is not a historical tragedy but an ongoing injustice that we must seek to redress. The climate crisis and continued environmental degradation disproportionately impact indigenous peoples, black people, and people of color and is another manifestation of ongoing injustice. FCV works to conserve the lands of past and present indigenous peoples as we know that nature is to be protected and shared for generations to come.

Learn about the land you live on by searching your city using this map: