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Tag: environmental justice

FCV Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the land that the State of Florida occupies is the rightful indigenous land of the Native Peoples of America. FCV lives, works, and plays on Muskogee/Creek, Tocobaga, Timucua, and Seminole land. This land is theirs, it is sacred, and it is the duty of every person who

Black Lives Matter

Statement from Florida Conservation Voters and FCV Chispa Florida We are grieving the continued loss of Black lives to an all too regular stream of unchecked violence at the hands of police. One year after George Floyd’s murder, we are still witnessing violence against and disregard for Black lives. We

Letters to Lawmakers: Fund Affordable Housing

The below letter was sent by email to all Florida Legislators on 3/31 in opposition to HB 5401/SB2512. Dear legislators, I am writing to express Florida Conservation Voters’ opposition to HB 5401/SB2512 and urge you to oppose these bills as they are currently drafted. The proposed budget allocation would permanently

Don’t Raid Affordable Housing Trust Funds

The comments below were given to the House Appropriations Committee on March 31, 2021 by Executive Director Aliki Moncrief. Unfortunately, we cannot support this bill today. It is no secret that sea level rise and water quality are problems in Florida, and I applaud this body for taking this issue