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Speak Up Against SB 1128

published on: March 19, 2021

Conservation Voters like you know that when we all come together to hold our lawmakers accountable, our environment wins. That was apparent at the Capitol this week.

Since the 2021 legislative session began at the beginning of this month, FCV and our partners have been pushing hard against harmful energy preemption bills. Thanks to your 3,000+ emails, tweets, and calls to your legislators, we have been able to significantly alter what would have been an incredibly damaging policy for all Florida communities.

SB 856/HB 839 – State Preemption of Transportation Energy Infrastructure Regulations by Sen. Travis Hutson (R-Palm Coast) and Rep. Tom Fabricio (R-Hialeah)originally aimed to prohibit local governments from passing any policy related to energy infrastructure whatsoever. But following extensive outrage and outreach from activists statewide, SB 856 has been significantly narrowed down; now, the bill would only restrict a municipality from completely banning gas stations within its borders. We are yet to see these positive changes in the House bill but we are hopeful and ever-vigilant to stop the harmful power grab that these bills originally aimed to accomplish.

Alas, the fight isn’t over. Other energy preemption bills remain to live another day. Can you take one minute to speak up?

SB 1128/HB 919 – Preemption on Restriction of Utility Services by Sen. Travis Hutson and Rep. Josie Tomkow (R-Auburndale) prohibits municipalities from restricting any fuel source which a utility may want to use or sell. This bill would make any commitment to 100% clean energy virtually impossible and further remove the public from decisions over their energy future. We must stop this bad bill. And we know we can with your help.

Even if you have already messaged your Senator and Representative on this issue, we need you to double down. Send a quick, one-click message directly to the 16 members of the Senate Rules Committee. Your state and fellow Floridians are depending on your action today, and we know that when we unite as a movement, we can make lasting change. 

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