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Published on: Conservation Story

Studying Ocean Threats for Conservation Decision-Making

published on: March 19, 2021

By Jasmin Graham
Project Coordinator
Marine Science Laboratory Alliance Center of Excellence (MarSci-LACE)
Mote Marine Laboratory

Growing up I was always captivated by the mysteries of the ocean. After spending my college years counting the number of microplastics on beaches around the world and necropsying stranded marine mammals with plastic bags in their stomachs, I became increasingly aware of the many threats our oceans are facing today. I knew after finishing my undergraduate education that I wanted to not only have an impact on science, but also help inform important conservation decisions. That’s why I decided to focus my graduate research on understanding the movement ecology of the critically endangered smalltooth sawfish to designate critical habitat and assess bycatch risk in Florida fisheries.

Jasmin Graham studying critically endangered smalltooth sawfish. Photo by Chelle Blais.