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Clean Electric Bus Upgrades For Schools Across Florida

published on: November 23, 2020

Retiring dirty diesel buses in favor of electric school buses reduces children’s exposure to toxic diesel pollutants, reduces transportation sector greenhouse gas emissions, and helps lower fuel costs for school districts. Diesel exhaust is harmful for everyone, but children are most at risk because they breathe at a faster rate than adults, meaning they breathe in more toxins. According to a Harvard study, African-Americans are about three times more likely to die from exposure to airborne pollutants than other racial groups in the United States. Children of color are nine times more likely to have asthma than white children. Transitioning school buses from diesel to electric would be an immediate and smart way to help increase public health in low-income and communities of color. This transition would be a solid first step for communities that have been forced to bear the burden of increased pollution and systemic segregation.

This victory for Florida’s kids has been years in the making and is all thanks to your support, advocacy, and participation in the public process.  Conservation Voters like you sent more than 4,000 public comments and emails to DEP and local school district leaders in support of clean, electric school buses. Thank you. With your continued support, FCV Education Fund will continue to work with our partners, parents,  school districts, and DEP to promote this quality program.