Shot For Greatness

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May 4, 2020
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Shot For Greatness

By Ridge Lee Seegulam
Florida wildlife photographer
Orlando, FL

My goal is capture and shot for greatness where and with anything I see or do out in the world. Beaches, plains, rivers, ponds, lakes, forests, and swamps are a get away place for me and something that won’t get old for me.

As a kid, learning animals and ecosystems and going to zoos have always been big highlights of my childhood. When I was 14 I picked up my first camera and at 16 my freshman year I became head photographer of my journalism class. I’m not saying I was great or a perfect photographer because I was surprised they picked me. Trial and error came to play in people photography and seeing and looking through my photos I knew people is not a subject I wanted to further pursue. At 18 I picked up my first photography camera, a Canon t5 rebel – I thought I was officially a National Geographic photographer. Unfortunately it was harder and scarier than what I thought wildlife was: going through forest, not paying attention to the ground, stepping on a stick, going through spider webs and get bit and having to go to the hospital, or just the randomness of a turkey popping out of no where.

Within every end of one of those scenarios I grew more respect and love for this great world we have and journey through. With that I grew the urge to learn more and gain knowledge of the animals, plants, waterways, fruits, greens, and landscapes of Florida so I can become the photographer I am now. I still have much much to learn and I’m going to get there as I travel hours through Florida. I’m willing and eager to – 1-3 times a week depending on circumstances – get out and do what I love: being a photographer and showing others the world through my eyes. I can make a picture look better in my head and show others how great the things we have on this earth are and why they should be shared.

I want to travel more of the world and to see and show what I have to give to the wildlife, biologists, and many others that I can discover natural Florida. I do my best to shoot my shot for greatness.

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