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Tag: conservation story

Free the Ocklawaha!

By Cary Evans When I moved to Florida, the first thing I wanted to do was get to know the area better. As I began to explore the state, I realized how unique Florida is and also how little of wild Florida is left. The stories you hear about over-development

My Future is in Florida

I think I was born to go into a career in natural resource conservation. I grew up outside, with my feet in the dirt, with a love of nature ingrained into my soul. I was raised by a single mother who was an avid gardener. Our backyard was a certified

Educating the Spring State

By Kelly Del ValleEducator, Advocate, CommunicatorFlorida Springs Council I am a teacher, photographer, and spring advocate whose love for wild Florida blossomed as I explored the Florida springs with my father all throughout childhood. Once I became a teacher, I realized that many students have no idea how special the

Girls Who Hike Explore and Conserve Florida

By Angelique VasquezFounder, Girls Who Hike FL I was a tomboy growing up in San Diego, it was a time when children spent their majority of the day outside riding bikes and climbing trees. I remember playing games with my cousin Nicole. We loved things like making pretend soap from