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Get Outdoors on National Public Lands Day

published on: September 27, 2019

Florida’s public lands make us who we are. Our freshwater springs, rolling coastal dunes, and tall pine trees invite visitors in with a sense of wonder and welcome.

Our lands are part of us. In an often fast-paced world, our public lands literally bring us back to earth. They remind us to think big picture and to appreciate every connected part of nature. Public lands are where the air is fresher, the stars are brighter, the mind is clearer. Public lands are home, and they belong to all of us.

Tallahassee resident Deb Burr shares her public lands story in the below video. Thanks to partners across agency lines and funding sources, the Lafayette Heritage Trail is a great example of how recreation connects us to our local communities while protecting habitats for the species that live alongside us.

Where do you go to unwind? What outdoor activities thrill you? What places do you share with your family and friends?

National Public Lands Day is September 28, and we hope you’ll not only get some outdoor time but also give back to the places you hold dear. This annual day is a celebration of conservation and a day of service. Local, state, and national parks will be holding volunteer events, and whether you find yourself clearing trails, weeding flower beds, or planting trees, these events give a new perspective of your favorite places. Quality public lands take regular and restorative maintenance, and when you volunteer, you join the park management family. 

Use NPLD’s search tool to find an event near you, and invite your friends and neighbors to join you for a day outdoors. Whether it’s a new trail or an opportunity to give back, you never know what you can discover in your public lands.