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Global Strikes and Art Projects Call for Climate Action

published on: September 26, 2019

As UN Climate activities begin to wrap up this week and world leaders leave New York with more action steps to address our climate crisis, people across the world came together over the to make their voices heard in global stikes and a day of global creative action. 

On Sept. 21, millions of people around the globe took part in the Youth Climate Strike. This youth-led movement was no stranger to Florida’s youth, who planned more than 30 strikes from the Keys to Tallahassee. Students protested and even walked out of class to demonstrate and demand action for our climate crisis. In West Palm Beach, the Youth Climate Strike was the first of its kind for county residents. Hundreds of youth and adult allies poured into the streets of City Place chanting “What do we want? Climate Justice. When do we want it? Now!” 

The following Saturday, Sept. 22, the Global Day of Creative Action encouraged people to use their creativity to make a difference. Around the world, people presented small and large works as part of the global conversation about climate change. With artist Adam Kuby and Microgalleries, FCV set up the “Sea Level Rise 2080” open-source installation in Lummus Park, Miami Beach. We chatted with tourists and residents about the impacts of sea-level rise and how art can help raise awareness about this critical issue for South Florida. Our climate crisis is becoming an issue of concern for many of us, and as we get more creative about ways we communicate our message, we must still continue to demand action.