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Published on: News

Renewable Energy Goals a Bright Beginning to 2020 Legislative Session

published on: September 18, 2019

State legislators Sen. José Javier Rodríguez (D-Miami) and Rep. Anna V. Eskamani (D-Orlando) held a press conference to announce their proposed legislation (SB 256 and HB 97) to address the cause of climate change: carbon emissions. The two lawmakers filed a 100% Renewable Energy Goals Bill, proposing goals for utilizing renewable, electric power across the state by 2050. 

Joined by Rep. Ben Diamond (D-St. Petersburg), the bill sponsors and others stressed the urgency of Florida’s climate crisis and how rising seas and temperatures will affect every aspect of our lives, including our health, jobs, and tourist economy. Sen. Rodriguez, calling Florida the “solar state,” argued that we must allow the renewable energy sector to thrive here. Rep. Eskamani added that climate change policy is intersectional and especially impactful on Florida’s water, disaster response, affordable housing, and everything in between. 

“This is the defining challenge of our generation,” said Representative Eskamani. “Scientists are clear about the reality of climate change, and as lawmakers, we should be too. It’s time to face this reality head-on, and get working on solutions together.”

And the time to act is now. FCV was honored to join these two conservation leaders as we fight for this bill in the 2020 legislative session. 

Jonathan Webber, FCV Deputy Director, said, “Climate change is the number one threat facing Florida. The leadership that Sen. Rodriguez and Rep. Eskamni have demonstrated is exactly what we need to move Florida towards a clean, sustainable future. I’m looking forward to working with them as we move to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change impacts.”

We were proud to join our conservation allies as well, including Environment Florida, Rethink Energy Florida, Sierra Club Florida, and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.