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Tag: environmental justice

Housing Justice is Environmental Justice

FCV advocates for healthy communities for everyone. We advocate for clean air and water, plentiful and accessible parks for all, and reduced carbon emissions statewide.  As an organization dedicated to environmental advocacy work, we often get put in a box. We are told to stay in our lane when it

Senate Bill 88 Furthers Environmental Injustice

The comments below were given to the Senate Committee on Rules on March 4, 2021 by Executive Director Aliki Moncrief. We see SB 88 as a direct response to an environmental injustice caused by the burning of sugarcane fields. Plain and simple, this bill takes away the ability of everyday

Water Injustice in Florida

History books are written by those in power. The countless stories from the perspective of marginalized community members don’t always make it into history books and environmental justice was likely not a topic you learned about in school. Learning about these incidents of water injustice help us to better understand

Racial Disparities in Outdoor Experiences

"The wild things and places belong to all of us... As young people of color reconnect with what so many of their ancestors knew—that our connections to the land run deep, like the taproots of mighty oaks; that the land renews and sustains us—maybe things will begin to change." -