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Tag: conservation story

We build political power to protect our environment, protect our democracy, and create a healthy and sustainable future for everyone.

It Started with Wildlife

My connection to nature started with my love for animals. I can’t remember when or why animals first caught my attention, although I’m sure it most likely started with my first hamster or first family puppy, “Muffin.” I have no idea how I made the leap from connecting with our

Do You Know the Milkweed Man?

By Tyler Carney, Gainesville, Florida   My interest in the natural world surrounding me began at an early age. My parents had a house that backed up to a small, but fairly active, wildlife preserve. They were not conservationists by trade, but both had tremendous respect for wildlife. We would

Testing the Waters For Ecosystem Health

By Cally HouseExecutive Assistant, University of FloridaSpringsWatch Leader, Ichetucknee Wet Group Clean water and healthy ecosystems are threatened more and more. Conservation is so important because the next generations deserve to inherit the intact and healthy natural resources we have been so fortunate to rely upon, observe, and enjoy. A

Painting Nature

By Kate DolamoreArtist, citizen scientist   Kate Dolamore exploring natural Florida I am a native Floridian that has always been in love with nature and eager to learn more. I started on my field guide inspired bird paintings 10 years ago to learn to identify birds better, and it turned