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Published on: Conservation Story

Educating the Spring State

published on: March 27, 2021

By Kelly Del Valle
Educator, Advocate, Communicator
Florida Springs Council

I am a teacher, photographer, and spring advocate whose love for wild Florida blossomed as I explored the Florida springs with my father all throughout childhood. Once I became a teacher, I realized that many students have no idea how special the state they live in really is. I began to use my photography for science communication, donating to
environmental protection groups and educational publications, fundraising, and other spring advocacy efforts. Currently, I run an online group called The Spring State, and I partner with the Florida Springs Council as a member of their Communications Advisory Board. It is my hope to continue using my platform to share my passion for Florida spring protection, education, and advocacy.


Silver Glen’s Natural Well


Striped Bass Swim at Silver Glen


Cypress Spring