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Tag: climate

Give Thanks for Environmental Progress

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. Looking back, we have made strides. Looking forward, we know there is much left to be done. LAND Above all, we are thankful to live in the Sunshine State. Our natural lands are true gems. Places like the

Global Strikes and Art Projects Call for Climate Action

As UN Climate activities begin to wrap up this week and world leaders leave New York with more action steps to address our climate crisis, people across the world came together over the to make their voices heard in global stikes and a day of global creative action.  On Sept.

Mobilizing Art for Action

Often times I’m faced with the question of why art should even have a place in the climate crisis discussion, or how art moves the needle on climate change.  With less than 11 years left to take action and reverse our current course, art might be the best tool we

Will You Show Up for Florida’s Youth?

Youth across America and around the world are taking to the streets on September 20 for a global Youth Climate Strike. Three days before the UN Climate Summit in New York, millions of concerned citizens will demand action for our climate. Florida’s youth are organizing in West Palm Beach, Miami,