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Earth Month is Poetry Month: Haiku Winners and Submissions

published on: April 29, 2022

This April 2022 we celebrated Earth Month alongside National Poetry Month. Throughout the month, we accepted haiku submissions related to Florida nature. Winners and submissions can be seen below.

Haikus are image-based poems that contain seventeen total syllables written in lines of five (5) seven (7), and again five (5)

Top Four Winners 

Esperanza by Ashley Helms
Mother Ocean by Christopher Monge
Ibis Landing by Georgiana Kurtz
Whisper of the Planet by Farzia Muhtamima Ikra

All Haiku Submissions

Night Jewels by Patty Lloyd
At last by Bryon Holland
Squirrel Serendipity by Gail S Tucker
White Environmentalism Part 1 by CMP
White Environmentalism Part 2 by CMP
Sherbert Sky by Lindsay Cross
It Wears You Down by Nathan Grozan
Hold Politicians Accountable by Nathan Grozan
Full Moon Scale Rise by Yvonne Worden
Swampland Sanctuary by Brooke H
Spring by Molly Griner
Hope by Molly Griner
rippled pond reflects by Nina Marshall
glacial ice gardens by Nina Marshall
They paved paradise and put up a toll road by Savana Roach
Breathless planet by Farzia Muhtamima Ikra
Pachamama by Ashley Helms
Florida Sunset by Georgiana Kurtz
Florida Flamingo by Brittany Bernstien
Don't Bowl by Jonathan Webber
a moment at Morikami by Blue Kaufman

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