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100% Renewable Energy Bill Filed by Florida state Sen. Berman, Rep. Eskamani

published on: October 15, 2021

For the fourth year in a row, Rep. Eskamani (Orlando), has filed a 100% renewable energy goals bill. Along with Sen. Lori Berman (Boynton Beach), who filed this bill with Eskamani last year as well, House Bill 81 / Senate Bill 366 aims to transition Florida to 100 percent renewable energy by 2040 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

Deputy Director Jonathan Webber and Chispa Florida Program Director Maria Revelles joined lawmakers and energy advocates for a press conference on Thursday, Oct. 14.

“The science behind the climate crisis is indisputable and time is of the essence. This truly is a code red for humanity,” said Webber. “While the urgency of this moment is real, so are the immense opportunities for Florida residents.”

“For our communities that are feeling the pain of climate change, this bill means the difference between life and death,” said Revelles. “Our state has a lot to lose if climate change goes unchecked and a lot to gain in championing renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

As emphasized in the bill, this is not just an environmental issue– it’s an economic one too.

“Lifting up resilient job-creating industries that show the most potential for positive impact and rapid growth should be one of our biggest priorities,” said Senator Berman. “And that is exactly why we should be leading with investments in clean energy and working across government agencies to bolster clean energy jobs.”

FCV, our partners, and the lawmakers we work with know that climate action must be centered on racial justice and economic equity.

Representative Eskamani stressed, “In the United States and around the world, vulnerable and marginalized populations like people of color, indigenous people, the elderly, children, and those with lower incomes are hit first and hardest by the climate crisis. We must make sure all communities are a part of a clean energy economy and benefit from it too.”

House Bill 81 / Senate Bill 366 also bans fracking in Florida and establishes a workforce advisory committee to ensure that Florida’s drive towards a clean energy economy produces new high paying jobs; a much needed initiative following the damaging impact of COVID19 on the state’s employment rate.

We were also joined by our partners MacKenzie Marcelin at Florida Rising and Deyona Burton at the CLEO Institute, as well as Rep. Omari Hardy. You can watch the entire press conference, read Rep. Eskamani’s press release, and news stories below.

Press Conference on Facebook Live

Press Release from the Office of Rep. Anna Eskamani

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