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Tell Congress Inaction on Climate Change Is Inexcusable

published on: October 12, 2021

Florida is on the front lines of dangerous climate change impacts, including rising seas, higher temperatures, and more extreme weather. We need climate action now.

With the Build Back Better Act, we have the opportunity to transition to 100% clean electricity, move away from dirty fossil fuels, and reduce our carbon emissions enough to slow and halt rising global temperatures. This is the environmental policy we desperately need to combat climate change.

The Build Back Better Act could revolutionize our entire economy and save taxpayers BILLIONS in the long run. By transitioning away from dirty fossil fuels and making our buildings more energy-efficient, we can spend less on pollution- and climate-related costs and damages. That means fewer medical bills treating respiratory illnesses like asthma, fewer house repairs caused by extreme weather events like hurricanes and floods, fewer heat waves that destroy entire crops, and less money spent on utilities every month.

Now is the time to sound the alarm and fight. If we don’t secure these jobs, we lose our best chance at restoring our infrastructure and our planet, as well as benefits like:

  • 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations along existing or new highways
  • 50 million electric vehicles
  • 4 million upgraded, energy-efficient buildings
  • 2 million weatherized homes
  • Millions of solar panels and tens of thousands of wind turbines
  • Thousands of miles of lead pipes were removed to deliver clean water to everyone

There’s no way we can allow the self-interest of wealthy fossil fuel CEOs determine the course of our planet’s history and hijack the momentum of the entire grassroots environmental movement. It is critical that we push back, because only together can we get our economy back on track and tackle the climate crisis.

That’s why we need the entire Conservation Voter Movement to SPEAK UP NOW: Urge Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act with historic investments in clean energy and green infrastructure.

This is our chance to create a future we want to pass down to the next generation. A future that invests in communities of color to undo decades of environmental racism. A future that weatherizes and electrifies homes to save owners and renters on their electricity bills. A future that secures clean air to breathe and water to drink regardless of your zip code. A future where extreme weather is rare.

We must secure these necessary investments — and you can be the difference between a watered-down bill that pollutes more and a bill that urgently and effectively addresses the impacts of climate change. All it takes is holding Congress accountable.

Make your voice heard. Demand a better future for the next generation by telling Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act.

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