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No Climate, No Deal

published on: July 7, 2021

Over the last decade, we have seen the disastrous consequences of ignoring the climate emergency. From dangerous heat waves to disgusting red tide and blue-green algae flare-ups, the worst impacts of the climate crisis are already beginning. We cannot accept these disasters as our new normal. We MUST work to reverse climate change before it’s too late.

We have an opportunity to tackle the climate crisis and build a more fair and just future for all. We are talking about thousands of new jobs, billions invested in a green economy, and concrete steps to break down systemic inequalities and address the harms that the environmental justice movement has been fighting for years.

We need YOU to turn this vision into reality. You can make a big difference right NOW: Tell Congress we must invest in clean energy and create millions of good quality, high-paying jobs that modernize our energy, transportation, and water infrastructure and invest in people and communities who too often have been left behind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the gaps in our approach to the economy, energy, and climate change. And it taught us to listen to scientists and experts. We must work now to put the U.S. on the path to 100% clean energy, prioritize equitable solutions that the communities most harmed by toxic pollution — low-income and communities of color — are leading, and support the preservation and creation of high-quality union jobs across the economy.

When President Biden says that we need to “build back better,” he understands that the status quo of rising temperatures and increasingly frequent climate emergencies is no longer acceptable. Voters agreed, giving President Biden a mandate to tackle climate change and other important issues. Now we need to tell Congress it’s their turn — they MUST pass climate action.

That’s why we’re joining with our partners across the Conservation Voter Movement to send a message to Congress: Act now on climate before it’s too late. But in order to make a real impact, we need you. Inaction is not an option. This is now or never.

Right now, we’re working with other states in the nationwide Conservation Voter Movement with the goal of getting 10,000 people like you to message their lawmakers. To get the climate action and clean energy jobs we need, it will take a wave of pressure on all members of Congress – from Ancourage, Alaska to Miami, Florida. Please take action today and share this article on your social media channels.

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