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Plastic-Free Wedding

published on: July 22, 2019

I’m getting married! EEEK! We decided on forever, but now comes the planning. Our wedding will be a small, private event, but I still have a few considerations when planning – how to honor our grandparents, finding the perfect tree to say “I do” under, and how to minimize single-use plastics for our day. 

I started with Google and there’s a lot of information out there with some really creative ideas. Personally, I’m trying to keep costs down, so, unfortunately, that rules out a lot of options. I decided to focus on the areas that generate the most single-use plastic.

First: cups. Even if you’re having a dry wedding, people are going to need something to drink. I’m still in the planning stages, but some options I’m weighing are ordering personalized multi-use plastic cups or glasses for guests to use and take home as a favor. I’ve also considered scouring local thrift stores and flea markets for pretty glasses to reuse for an eclectic feel or asking the caterers to provide glasses. Any of these options are good alternatives to the possibly hundreds of little plastic cups that will find themselves in the trash at the end of the night.  

Second: dinnerware and silverware. We have come a long way in making plastic dinnerware look nice. This makes it an appealing, cheap option for events and weddings. Second to cups, this is probably the most plastic waste from an event. Instead, ask your caterer if they provide glass plates and real silverware for guests. This will also cut down on cleanup at the end of the night, as the caterers will take the dishes with them. If your caterer cannot provide the dishes, we have come a long way in developing cute bamboo and other biodegradable plates and silverware. You can find these in bulk online. 

Third: confetti! Many venues have moved to ban plastic confetti, but even if your venue lets you throw it – don’t! It’s not only bad for the planet but wildlife as well. Instead, opt for real dried flowers, lavender, confetti made from leaves, bubbles, or birdseed. These are all-natural options that will not damage or harm the planet and are just as beautiful. 

Don’t stop here. Search online for unique ways to make your wedding day amazing for both you and the planet! It’s your special day – make a lifelong commitment to your partner and your planet!