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Take Action: Speak Up to Protect our Water!

published on: July 9, 2019

Last summer was an urgent wake-up call to Floridians across the state who watched in horror as toxic blue-green algae choked our waterways and killed our wildlife. No one who saw (or smelled) this disaster will ever forget the images of thick, noxious “guacamole” waters lapping up on our shores. 

For many of us, it was the final straw. We need action for our water, and we need it now. And that action starts with you. The Department of Environmental Protection’s new Blue-Green Algae Task Force is taking public comment from now until July 15 to find solutions to this devastating problem. We need your voice. We are encouraging all Floridians to submit a comment and to tell officials that this problem requires a long-term commitment to conservation, not quick-fix band-aids. 

In Florida, protecting water starts with protecting land. Our beautiful state is a true hydrogeological wonder. On Florida’s surface, vast expanses of wetlands act as filters to clean rain and runoff water as it slowly moves into our fragile aquifers and waterways. Beneath us, these massive underground rivers deliver fresh water to us every day. These water resources, both wetlands and our aquifer, must be protected. The health of our natural water filtration system is vital to Florida’s long-term sustainability. 

Investing in land conservation – especially those that have significant value to the aquifer and our waterways – is one of the best and most cost-effective ways we can protect our water, our health, and our tourism-driven economy.

It’s our job as members of the Conservation Voter Movement (this means you, too!) to make sure that the Blue-Green Algae Task Force includes proven natural solutions in their recommendations to lawmakers. 

You can make a difference by submitting public comments to the Blue-Green Algae Task Force. 

Take a moment right now to send an email to the members of the Task Force and tell them that you support land conservation. Insist that the Task Force give priority to natural solutions for the protection of our water.