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TAKE ACTION: Urge Your House Rep to Protect Florida’s Future by Cosponsoring HB 1369

published on: March 22, 2019

It’s no secret; Florida is on the front lines of global climate change. Solving this problem is our greatest challenge. But before we invest billions of dollars in mitigation and carbon reduction solutions, Floridians deserve to have the most current and accurate science available.

Thankfully, Rep. Ben Diamond has sponsored a bill that calls for a comprehensive review of climate change in Florida. HB 1369 establishes the Florida Climate Resiliency and Research Program, which would require our state’s best scientific agencies to conduct a coordinated evaluation of the causes and effects of climate change and sea level rise in Florida.

The science in this report will inform the climate protection strategies of tomorrow by helping to prioritize response efforts and by making taxpayer investments more effective. This bill also requires the state to update and reproduce this report every four years so we can track changes, progress, and threats.

Unfortunately, this commonsense bill has not yet received a hearing in committee. And there is little time remaining in the 2019 Florida legislative session. YOU CAN HELP by calling your House Representative and urging them to cosponsor HB 1369 right now.

Contacting your elected officials will only take about two minutes and is one of the best things you can do to help immediately. Please take action now.

Thank you for continuing to protect Florida.

We get a lot of questions about our system requiring a person’s phone number to take action. And we completely understand your hesitation with giving it out. The fact is that many elected officials require your phone number in order to submit your comment. That is why we always ask for it. FCV will never sell your number or contact your phone without your consent