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Published on: Activism

Inaugural Underwater HOA Meeting in Pinecrest

published on: January 20, 2019

On January 9, 2019, residents of the Pinecrest community came together for the inaugural Underwater HOA meeting at the Hibiscus Gallery. The Underwater HOA is a participatory art project spearheaded by Xavier Cortada, that seeks to raise awareness about the threats of sea level rise to South Florida Communities. Pinecrest residents were encouraged, in the weeks leading up to the event, to place an “Underwater HOA” yard sign on their front lawn. The yard signs, numbered less than 4 to 17 feet show how many feet of melted glacial water must rise before that particular property is underwater. They double as an educational tool and a uniquely beautiful piece of art.

The event opened with a word from our Executive Director, Aliki Moncrief, where she stressed the importance of using this participatory art project as a way to bring the community together on this important issue. Meeting attendees also heard from Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Daniella Levine Cava, and former Mayor Cindy Lerner. The meeting also provided an educational piece, led by Dr. Brian Haus, Chair and Professor, Department of Ocean Science at the University of Miami. Dr. Haus spoke about the science behind sea level rise and why it is important to take up this issue as a community.

Before the night concluded, Pinecrest residents committed to finding equitable solutions to combating sea level rise. By joining the Underwater HOA residents are helping to make the impacts of climate change visible to all. The Underwater HOA is not restricted to property owners, and all members of the community are welcome join because we are all impacted by sea level rise.

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Aliki Moncrief (left) and Xavier Cortada (right) present at the inaugural Underwater HOA meeting in Pinecrest.