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Renew Your FCV Membership!

published on: May 21, 2018

Happy spring, or let’s face it, summer! I hope this email finds you well. It feels like the year is flying by.

A few years ago, when people like you helped to pass the Water and Land Conservation Amendment, we knew we were building a movement that was bigger than just one campaign.

Of course, the politicians, high-paid lobbyists, and special interests that dominate Tallahassee politics tried to ignore us. But what they didn’t understand is that winning the Amendment campaign wasn’t the end of something, it was the beginning.

You are part of this movement. You are part of the generation that says enough is enough, that you value clean water, public lands, and renewable energy above petty partisan politics. You are the hope of future generations who are counting on people like us to protect what’s left of Florida’s natural environment.

This year is, without doubt, one of the most critical election years in recent memory. It is our job to make sure your lawmakers pay attention to the values you hold dear. Our time is now.

You can make an immediate impact by renewing your annual membership with Florida Conservation Voters. Are you with us?

For only $10, you can renew your membership with FCV right now, and we’ll send you our commemorative 2018 “VOTE” sticker.

Together, we will make protecting our environment not only the right thing to do but the politically smart thing to do.

Thank you for all that you do for Florida.


P.S. – When I look back on 2018, I want to remember it as the year we gave everything to change Florida for the better. I hope you do too.