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Aliki Moncrief: It starts here at home

published on: December 20, 2016

As President-elect Donald Trump continues to assemble the leaders of key environmental agencies at the federal level, one thing is clear: this is shaping up to be the most anti-environment administration in modern history.

Nearly all of President-elect Trump’s nominees reject that climate change is happening. Many are outspoken pro-fracking and oil drilling advocates who have made personal fortunes from the destruction of our planet. Now, they are set to run the very agencies they’ve been trying to dismantle for years. Case in point: former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, Trump’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency, has made a career out of suing that agency to undermine rules that protect our water and natural areas!

What does that mean for us here in Florida, where our remarkable natural environment is directly linked to our economy?

It means we have to focus our energy on what we can do at the state level. We must work harder than ever here at home to make sure our environmental regulations remain in place, our parks are protected and our energy production shifts towards the sun and away from dirty fossil fuels. Working together, we can still make a big difference for the future of our country and our planet — starting right here in Florida.

Committee hearings for the 2017 Florida Legislative session begin again in early January. Now is the time for you and I, and everyone who loves our waters, parks, springs, and special places like the Everglades, to come together and push our elected officials to defend our environment.  

It is a busy season, but I hope you can spare a few minutes right now to call our state legislative leaders. Tell them that you want to see pro-environment legislation this year, including:

  • a statewide ban on fracking and
  • increases in renewable energy and solar.

Will you make a quick call today?

January 20, 2017 will officially mark a new phase in our movement to protect Florida’s environment. If we work together, I know we will be successful.

The time is now. Please call:

Senate President Joe Negron – (772) 219-1665

House Speaker Richard Corcoran – (813) 792-5177

Thank you.